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Agricultural pests and harmful fungi, viruses and bacteria can attack your crop at any time. These weaken the crop and put it under more stress. Find the right products for your crop.

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Mealybugs and scales

California red scale

California red scaleAonidiella aurantii

Long-tailed mealybug

Long-tailed mealybugPseudococcus longispinus

Mealybugs and scales

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Mediterranean fly

Mediterranean flyCeratitis capitata


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Spider mites and other mites

Spider mite

Spider miteTetranychus urticae

Spider mites and other mites

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Damage symptoms of Western flower thrips in Apricot

Thrips cause damage to plants by piercing the cells of the surface tissues and sucking out their contents, causing the surrounding tissue to die. The resulting silver-grey patches on leaves and the black dots of their excreta indicate their presence in the crop. The vigour of the plant is reduced by loss of chlorophyll. When infestations become serious the leaves themselves can shrivel.

Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) prefer to feed on developing plant tissues such as growing tips and flower buds. When these tissues develop further, the leaves and flowers can appear grossly deformed. Severely infested flower buds may not open at all. Fruits can also be damaged, even at low densities, giving rise to deformities such as the “pig-tail” fruit sometimes found in cucumber crops. In many ornamental crops, even very low numbers of thrips can cause damage by transmitting viruses, or by reducing aesthetic value by damaging flowers, e.g. in roses

The western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) is the most important vector for both tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV). Both viruses affect a wide range of plants, and often a single host plant may be infected by both viruses.

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A healthy plant is the basis for high production. However, cultivation conditions for crops are seldom optimal. Find biostimulants and biofertilizers to optimize plant potential and crop resilience.

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Bumblebees are very effective pollinators which results in good fruit set and savor of labour costs. Our Natupol solutions guarantee maximum pollination, even under difficult conditions. Find the best bumblebees for your crop.

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Biological seed treatment products reduce the need for fertilizers, boost plant resistance and can increase yield. Based on a biological fungicide, they give immediate protection against diseases. Find the right products for your crop.

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