Horiver Delta

Sticky trap with dry glue
Product category:
  • For trapping and monitoring moths and mealybugs

  • Must be combined with pheromones

  • For trapping and monitoring moths and mealybugs

  • Must be combined with pheromones

Use for

Use for

Use Horiver Delta in combination with species specific Pherodis pheromone for trapping and monitoring moths and mealybugs.


Different species of moths and mealybugs, depending on the pheromone used.

How it works

How it works

Mode of action

Male moths and mealybugs are attracted to the species-specific pheromone and get caught in the glue.

Product specifications

Product specifications


Polysterene card coated with dry sticky glue.

Available colours and sizes

Yellow: 20x40 cm

Numbers per package

5 pieces

Directions for use

Directions for use


  • Remove the silicone paper from one side of the trap
  • Fold the card into a triangle with the glued surface on the inside of the trap
  • Use a staple or clip to keep the trap in its triangle shape
  • Place the Pherodis capsule in the middle of the bottom of the trap


  • Hang the traps above the crop in a location where they can easily be inspected (e.g. along the central aisle of the greenhouse)
  • Distribute the traps as evenly as possible over the area, in order to avoid interference
  • Replace the traps when largely covered by insects and/or debris


  • Two or four Horiver Delta traps per hectare for each species of moth
  • One trap per 500-1000 m² for mealybugs

Combined use

Use in combination with species specific Pherodis pheromone.

Product handling

Product handling

Storage time

See Best before date.

Storage temperature


Storage conditions

In a cool, dry place.

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