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Date published: August 01, 2022

Breaking ground in SA for the macrobial control of stinkbug done by parasitic wasps

Green Shield (Trissolcus basalis) is the game changer you have been waiting for. These powerful biological agents are very strong flyers which results in effective distribution throughout the field. Female Trissolcus wasps can parasitize up to 300 eggs and they are a hardy species that can survive up to 2 weeks without food. Trissolcus feeds on pollen and nectar, and stinkbug eggs are only a means of reproduction. Green Shield will offer you extensive protection with a lengthy lifespan of 60 days.

Green Shield is a potent weapon you need to combat stinkbug this season. As a first for macrobial control in South Africa it targets:

• Two Spotted Bug (Bathycoelia distincta)

• Green Vegetable Bug (Nezara viridula)

• Coconut Bug (Pseudotheraptus wayi)

How it works:

Trissolcus basalis is a parasitic wasp that targets the eggs of various stinkbug species. The adult wasps lay eggs inside the stinkbug eggs. Trissolcus larvae feed on the stinkbug larvae inside the egg and pupate. The stinkbug eggs changes from a cream colour to black. The newly hatched Trissolcus wasp emerges from the stinkbug egg and proceeds to parasitize more stinkbug eggs.

Product specifications:

Trissolcus is sent in the adult phase in biodegradable containers. One container has 100 adult Trissolcus wasps, normally released at a rate of a 100 wasps/ha.

Directions for use:

Containers can be left open in the field, preferably in the centre of the field, for wasps to exit. Alternatively, an open container could be carried throughout the field for better distribution. Make sure to leave the container in the field to ensure all the wasps emerge. We recommend 4 - 8 releases (every 4weeks) per season to ensure population numbers are high enough for commercial control.


Carton tube containing 100 adult wasps.

Temperature range:

5 - 35 °C

Speak to us about how you can be Partners with Nature and let Green Shield fight for you this season.

Click here to get more information about Green Shield: Green Shield Pamphlet