Natutec Scout

Natutec Scout


Optimize your crop scouting!

Using a crop scouting tool in horticulture can lead to more effective, sustainable, and profitable crop production by providing precision pest monitoring and real-time pest detection alerts. Natutec Scout is a crop scouting tool for effective and efficient pest monitoring.

With Natutec Scout you can use your preferred scout method. Record scout observations by mobile phone manually or use the scanner for Horiver sticky cards for automatic detection of pests. The dashboard provides you with a complete overview of your scouting data which can be extended by uploading historical scouting observations. The real-time pest detection alerts let you stay ahead of potential crop damage. Together with remote support from technical advisors you'll be on top of your Integrated Pest Management strategy.

A crop scouting tool for everyone

Early detection of pest and disease outbreaks

Detect the presence of pests and diseases earlier than traditional methods, allowing for earlier intervention on hotspots and more effective control measures. Natutec Scout provides you with pest alerts to stay on top of pest and disease development, helping you maintain a biological balance in your crop.

Precision pest monitoring

Crop scouting tools can provide more precise data on pest and disease populations by using technologies to collect, process, and analyze data from crops in real-time, enabling more informed and effective decision-making for crop management. This allows growers to target specific areas of their crops and minimize unnecessary treatments.

Increased efficiency

Our mobile app integrates our in-depth knowledge and expertise on effectively scouting crops for pests and diseases. Save time and increase efficiency by automating data collection and analysis, freeing up labor resources for other tasks. You can scan Horiver sticky cards through our mobile app for automatic identification and registration of pest insects like whitefly. Additionally, this mobile app allows you to register all anomalies in your greenhouse.

Data-driven IPM

Reduced pesticide use

A crop scouting tool can reduce the need for broad-spectrum pesticide use by providing more precise information about pest and disease populations. This allows for the early detection of pest and disease hotspots, enabling specific spot treatments that help prevent the negative impacts of chemical pesticides on biological crop protection products and maintain biological balance.

Improved data management

Digitally storing and centralizing your scout data makes it easier to manage and analyze over time, while also providing accessibility from anywhere. This can help identify trends and inform decision-making for long-term integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

Personalized IPM advice

Our technical advisors can give remote support to optimize your IPM strategy based on the data you provide. With our data-driven approach, we can offer valuable insights to help you make informed decisions. Natutec Scout empowers you with expert advice and recommendations, allowing you to have a virtual support system by your side.

Automated pest detection

Natutec Scout offers automated pest monitoring of whitefly. You can scan Horiver sticky cards through our mobile app for automatic identification and registration of whiteflies.

Get in touch

Natutec Scout is a crop scouting tool exclusively available for Koppert customers. If you are interested in using this tool, please reach out to your local Koppert advisor. Not a customer yet? Contact us using the form below to get in touch.

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