Mealybugs and scales

What are mealybugs & scales?

Mealybugs (family Pseudococcidae), soft scales (family Coccidae) and armoured scales (family Diaspididae) form three important families within the superfamily Coccoidea. This superfamily belongs to the order Hemiptera (the true bugs). Coccoidea are at first sight barely recognizable as insects. The females are wingless and immobile, and covered with a hard scale (armoured scales and soft scales) or with waxy threads (mealybugs). They suck the sap of plants and are mostly host plant specific. Apart from the damage they cause by sucking plant sap, mealybugs and soft scales also produce honeydew (on which moulds grow) resulting in considerable damage in ornamental and fruit crops and loss of value. Armoured scales do not produce honeydew. The concealed habit and the protective covering of these insects mean that they are very well protected against natural enemies and also against synthetic pesticides.


Life cycle of mealybugs & scales


Mealybug & scale control videos

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