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Date published: February 13, 2023

Inspired by Nature: new design, same trusted quality

Inspired by Nature: new design, same trusted quality

Introducing a new design for Koppert products

After introducing our new brand identity in January 2022, Koppert is entering the next phase. We proudly present our new product branding. Each product will have its own premium look-and-feel, but at the same time remain recognisable as a Koppert product. Over the coming year, we will redesign our complete product portfolio, starting with our beneficial insects and predatory mites. René Ruiter, Chief Business Officer Horti: “We are very pleased with our product branding, which is characterised by a green, natural look. Perfectly in line with our branding: ‘Inspired by Nature’. And though our packaging is new, growers can still expect the same high quality from all our products. We are confident this new branding supports us on our journey to increase our positive impact to the world.

New features
Beautiful photography, our new logo, and the use of green as our main colour reflect our connectivity with nature. Our new packaging also includes several new practical features. A range of supportive colours make each product easily recognisable. In addition, barcodes enable scanning and traceability throughout the logistics chain. While a QR code helps navigate directly to the product webpage for more information.

Ready for the future
Our new Koppert branding is rooted in nature and matches our ambition. Our mission is to contribute to 100% sustainable agriculture by partnering with nature, supporting growers worldwide. With our extensive knowledge and innovative strength, we develop high quality natural solutions for biological crop protection. Always looking forward, we continuously work to improve and find new solutions and services to face current and future challenges. We are confident that our new design will support our ambition.

Koppert – Partners with Nature
We partner with nature to find ways of growing that are both safe and healthy. Helping growers to support, protect and strengthen their crop with an integrated system of natural solutions. We use natural enemies to combat pests, microbials and bio-stimulants that support, protect and strengthen crops. We have driven agricultural innovation for over 50 years.

Growers worldwide use our products and knowledge to restore the natural balance in their crops. Our holistic approach is what sets us apart. Improving plant health both above and underground. All our solutions support one goal: 100% sustainable agriculture.