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Date published: May 19, 2022

On the farm with our fly control enthusiasts

On the farm with our fly control enthusiasts

When it comes to biological control, the proof of the pudding is often in the passion of our agents and testimonies of satisfied clients. We popped-in at Gerrie van der Westhuizen and Reghardt van der Westhuizen in Standerton, Mpumalanga, to hear more about their experience working with Biopar and Macro-Mite.

This team has 15 years of experience with pest control, both chemical and biological. For the past three seasons however, they have started using the Biopar and Macro-Mite tag-team to help clients with natural fly control. “There may be similar products on the market, but we have found Biopar to really be superior” says Gerrie. Reghardt continues: “We specifically had a dairy farm and a farming feedlot that was really struggling with fly control. We were able to help them see great success through guiding them in the use of Biopar in combination with Macro-Mite. We started before the rain season in September and ensured that our clients kept using the products correctly until the end of April. “

The team emphasises correct product use: “The key to success is to put out Biopar every 14 days and Macro-Mite at least 4 times per summer.” They have also found that clients see the best results when they continuously seek out new breeding places where the flies may be breeding and treat the affected area thoroughly.

“We focus on helping clients evaluate their problem and guide them in finding the best solutions. It is also important to us to help clients in putting out biological products to ensure the correct application and optimum control. Our motto is – Don’t take shortcuts. Put in the extra effort to do things right every time and you will see the results!”