Rhyzobug - Ready to deal with armoured scales and long tailed mealybugs

Rhyzobug - Ready to deal with armoured scales and long tailed mealybugs

Control armoured scales and long tailed mealybugs in citrus blueberries, macadamia, avocado and stonefruit.

In our continuous pursuit to help growers biologically control pests in their outdoor crops, we are excited to introduce the newest member to our family: Rhyzobug (Rhyzobius lophanthae). Rhyzobug, a small ladybird, preys on most armoured scale species like Californian red scale (Aonidiella aurantii), Oleander scale (Aspidiotus nerii) and on long tailed mealybugs.

Rhyzobug can be applied in various crops like citrus, blueberries, stonefruit and macademia.
Also in tropical fruits like mango and avocado Rhyzobug is an effective tool to control armoured scales and long tailed mealybugs.

How to recognize damage of armoured scales

Armoured scales can cause severe damage in your crop and can have a significant impact on your yield. It is therefore important to recognize the damage in an early stage, so you can control the pest on time.
For this, we have developed a dedicated page about mealybugs and scales with more information on these pests.

How to recognize damage of mealybugs

Mealybugs pose a serious threat to your crop, which makes timely pest control crucial. Plant monitoring is essential, swiftly identifying signs of damage, so you can start controlling mealybugs on time.

Why to use Rhyzobug

  • Effective biocontrol solution to control different species of armoured scales, as both adults and larvae predate on armoured scale insects

  • Easy and safe to apply

  • No resistance possible

  • Easy to combine with other natural enemies like Aphytis melinus

  • Makes it easier to comply with the pesticide backlist in the value chain

  • Reduces the number of pesticide applications

  • Environmentally friendly and improves biodiversity

Proven results

In various field experiments, under different climatic conditions, we have researched the effectiveness of Rhyzobug. As well as the optimal conditions using this natural enemy, making sure you as a grower will reach the best and most effective results.


Lifecycle of Rhyzobug

Rhyzobiius lophanthae is able to predate on several armoured scales species. It is easy to see what they have eaten by checking the scales on iirregular holes.

Easy application

Rhyzobug has a wide host range and predates on oleander scale, rose scale and Californian red scale, amongst others and is easy to apply. It’s recommended to start introduction as soon as the first armoured scales are detected. You apply it in the evening and tap the beetles directly onto the plants based on 500-3000/ha (for outdoor cultivation) in several applications depending on the degree of infestation.’

Everything you need to know

To support you in comprehending how our new introduced natural enemy Rhyzobug can support you in controlling mealybugs and armoured scales in your crop we have put together a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions.

To download the FAQ, click on the button below.